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 A conservative Native American high school football coach becomes disillusioned with the country he loves.

          In the dusty Uranium mine of a Navajo Reservation, three teenage Native American girls run for their lives from a band of Native American gangsters. The girls try and take cover in the mine, fighting for their lives with whatever tools they can find, while the oldest, Ajei, desperately tries to make a call for the one person they can turn to, their football coach. However, just as she gets through, the gangsters, led by Manuelito break in.


         One week earlier, we meet Coach Ahiga Acothley as he tries to lead his team to victory. We meet Etu Yazzie, the teams kicker, her white, police officer step-father, Toddy, and her Tribal Police Officer mother, Monika. However, when Ajei comes to Coach Ahiga for help, he has little sympathy for her, telling her to go to the police if she really feels that people are trying to kill her. It turns out she was right, as she is kidnapped after the game by The Native American Gangsters. 



// GENRE //

 The story of American identity and those denied the American Dream...

Drama, Revenge Tragedy

// TONE //

Dark, Exciting, Reality Fiction



Traditional Navajo culture and Diné, is a desert language, a language of red rock canyons, ancient spirits, and seeking harmony with nature. In modern times, it has too often become a language used to express hardship, betrayal, and loss of identity. 


This is not a tale of two cities. This is the tale of an entire country inside a foreign one. A brutal honest portrayal of the Diné people in the vein of "The Wire" with all their faults, the graft and corruption destroying the community, but also their many integrities, hopes, loves and sacrifice. But this is reality fiction with an epic Shakespearean twist. The through line for us to visit their culture and world in as we follow one man's epic transformation and tragic fall from grace, a man of God, family and country, in the vein of "Breaking Bad" and even "Hamlet." The story of a a man struggling to take revenge, compelled to action by his "ancestors ghosts."


This story of the Diné is unique to their people. It is their culture and their language. It is their unique place in history living inside the country that conquered their people.  But the story of the Indian Terrorist is the story of all of us. How far is too far? How much would you allow to be taken from you?  




The Navajo Nation is a semi-autonomous Native American territory covering 27,425 square miles.  They even have their own elected government that includes an executive office, a legislative house, and a judicial system, but the United States federal government continues to assert plenary power.

Life without basic infrastructure.  The population disproportionately struggles with health problems, unemployment, crime, and chronic exposure to uranium contaminated water.
Tribal politics, corruption, and GRAFT...
a culture at war with itself.
And the thing that brings them together.... 
American Football
"...our youth are rather naïve and may come from abusive homes where their families don’t bother to report them missing,” said Grey Bull, director and founder of Not Our Native Daughters. "Relatives may report them as runaways or simply as missing persons when in fact they have been trafficked away from the reservation by pimps."
Most federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Attorney’s office do not require their agents to record the Native American status of victims.

Population: 173,667

          Coach Ahiga takes his family to visit Henry Chee. Coach thinks he may know something about Ajei and her disappearance. Ahiga tries to track down Ajei on his own, but she’s being deleted from social media, a ghost. Ahiga goes to see his prostitute sister Haloke to inquire about Ajei. Ajei never worked for Haloke’s whorehouse but did have an online cam site. She points Ahiga in the direction of the Scorpion strip club outside of town.


           Meanwhile, Etu feels like Ahiga isn’t doing enough to help Ajei, so she goes to her mother, who works for the Tribal Police. Monika is reluctant to help but promises to go by Ajei’s father’s place later. However, she finds Ajei’s father dead in an apparent suicide. 


           That night, Coach Ahiga straps a couple guns to his body and drives out to the Scorpion strip club. However, Manuelito and the gangsters grab him. But Monika shows up on the scene, gun drawn. After reminding the gangsters that Ahiga is Henry’s son-in-law, Monika drives Ahiga back to town. She thinks Ajei’s father was murdered.

         Back at home, Coach Ahiga kisses his wife Naira, infant Dibe, and teenager son Ahiga Jr., goodnight. Ahiga is a tormented soul, former Special Forces, and trying to keep his life together with religion and painkillers. In the morning, Ahiga gets in a fight with his kids about the safety of the drinking water. Ahiga Jr. complains it’s tainted with Uranium. 


           Ahiga goes to his day job as an explosive technician. Back at school, Etu asks Ahiga about Ajei, but he tells her that she is just a drug addict and that his father-in-law isn’t a gangster. However, at a sex house, the gangsters who keep about dozen girls locked up rough up Ajei. They try to erase her old identify, breaking her until she won’t fight back.

        Meanwhile, Ahiga attends the tribal council meeting where an argument breaks out over whether football, a purely American sport, should take priority over Native culture. Principal White vows to enforce rules on the football players so no one gets special treatment.

             Ajei is definitely being kept on this compound. Ahiga is going to take things into his own hands. He’s lost someone like this once before, and he refuses to let it happen again. Using his explosives knowledge, Ahiga builds bombs in his spare time that can be detonated remotely. He destroys the Devil’s Bridge, a warning shot to the gangsters.


             That night, Ajei drugs the gangsters on duty and plans the escape with the two other girls. Some are afraid to leave, but Ajei won’t leave anyone behind. Armed, they manage to kill several of the gangsters that show up to chase them. They hop in an SUV and drive out into the night. They split up, knowing it’s their best chance at survival. 


          We find ourselves back at the uranium plant from the opening sequence, as Coach Ahiga rallies the football team with a speech about the wolf and the pack. That’s when he gets the call from Ajei. Manuelito picks up and warns him never to mess with them again. Shots ring out on the other end of the line. Ahiga collapses to the ground, devastated, a man with revenge on his mind.

© Worlds Fair Pictures. The above original treatment, idea, story, characters, and execution within this document belong solely to the creator: Worlds Fair Pictures. Any re-production and/or sale of this document (or directly related to this document) is forbidden without written permission.

Worlds Fair Pictures

The End

Thank you for taking the time.

Lee Roy Kunz

Indian Terrorist 

created by Lee Roy Kunz


Series Outline

Episode #2:  “SkinWalker”


           Coach Ahiga coaches the game after listening to Ajei be murdered but his odd confused behavior 

unsettles. A very superstitious people, rumors begin to circulate that Coach Ahiga has been possessed by a Skinwalker, a shape shiffing demon, courtesy of Principal White. Reeling with what to do about Ajei's murder, Coach talks to Henry and the threats made against his family. Henry organizes a meeting with Manuleto who denies threatening his family and Henry pushes for peace. Coach Ahiga, however, makes plans for revenge.


          Meanwhile we continue to follow Chooli and Sayko still prisoners of Manuleto and his men. We also get an inside look at how they recruit their victims on the Reservation through Facebook and social media, offering them chances to film and be movie stars; which results in them being taken away from their homes to big cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and occasionally kept on the reservation at "The Big House". Etu and Ahiga engage in further sexual experimentation. Etu thinks she might be in love with Ahiga after they have sex and is absolutely devastated when she discovers he does not feel the same way and has even been frequenting his aunts brothel. 

Episode #3: “There is no Diné word for Ocean”


          Tensions on the reservation rise when The Wind Rights Mining and Coal Company begins to expand into fracking and it is discovered that Henry Chee and Tribal Council had approved the sale of the reservations water rights. Their is tribal pushback  and Henry has to flex his muscles to protect his interests and quite the protestors as they begin construction on an epic dam that will divert water from the Diné people to be used for industrial use in Utah. Horrified by his grandfather and involved in the protests, Ahiga is busy with his obsession to save the Diné language and helps organize a Navajo language screening of a dubbed Pixar movie on the reservation. He gets closer to Principal White as she helps him organize social improvement programs that involve petitioning for paved roads to make school buses safer, fighting against School Vouchers that undermine Diné participation, and to wake up a stalled land-buy-back program on the reservation. Meanwhile,  Coach Ahiga is building bombs to attack Manuleto while preparing for the biggest game of the season yet, while struggling to keep Naira from using Native American Shamanism Homeopathy  instead of the western medicine keeping her alive.  


Episode #4: Coyote



          Coach Ahiga finds out that Ahiga has been frequenting his sister's brothel and becomes enraged. Principal White ups her pressure on Coach Ahiga in her attempt to get him fired with more lies and ridiculous sabotage. Monica and Coach Ahiga begin spending more time together, in their pursuit to destroy Manuelito and his gang creating conflict with Naira at home. Coach Ahiga and Monika follow a false lead with the "Children of the Hallow" as they engage in their coyote operation, sneaking illegal Mexicans into the country. Coach Ahiga is shocked by what he sees, many innocent Mexicans and South Americans, including women and children, good people, dying and being mistreated, which begins to soften his rigid opposition to illegals. 

          The Navajo Tribal Council gets in a fight with patent office over Urban Outfitters and other companies misuse of the Navajo name to brand and sell their products.  Mika finds out she is pregnant and struggles with finding a way to get an abortion with no nearby clinics. However, Naira discovers she is pregnant and her and Coach Ahiga forbid her from getting the abortion.


Episode #5: Gold King Mine Spill 


             Coach Ahiga captures one of Manuelito’s men breaking into his home to try and kill him and makes the difficult decision whether or not to kill him. Coach Ahiga unlimitedly ends up killing the man in self-defense when he tries to escape and must dispose of the body with the help of Henry and Moki. Meanwhile, there is a giant Gold King Mine Spill, which releases millions of gallons of toxic wastewater into one of the tribe’s most significant waterways, devastating the Navajo Nations water supply and ability to plant their crops. Adding insult to injury as the Diné people are already through a terrible drought The Navajo Nation seeks more than $160 million in damages; which Henry organizes, seeing as an opportunity for a hefty payday. Ahiga organizes a run for Tribal Council against his Grandpa and seems to have a good shot at winning. Henry, however, maneuvers around the situation and manipulates Ahiga by encouraging him to run for a seat he is sure to win. Ahiga accepts.


         Meanwhile, Coach Ahiga pretends to make peace with Manuelito but draws blood after another huge explosion destroys the motel Manuelito and his men are operating out of. The President of the United States is going to make a visit to the Navajo Indian Reservation during a Windtalkers honor festival, but his invitation rescinded when anonymous threats are made against his and The Tribal Council's life.



Later Episodes 


Coach Ahiga gets into an all-out war with Manuelito and "The Mountain Sheep" gangsters. Henry discovers Eddie is the one that got Mika pregnant and has him killed, vanished without a trace, and Mika is left to raise the baby on her own. Ahiga runs away and begins to live with his aunt Haloke while working at the brothel. It is announced The Navajo Nation will get a 700 million dollar settlement for mining companies to clean up oil abandoned Uranium mines on the reservation to the delight of Henry Chee. And there is a U.S sponsored study on Uranium effects on population and Dib and Naira are entered into it to have their blood tested. When Dibe dies suddenly from SID's and their test results come back, Coach finally begins to accept for the first time that his family and community have been poisoned. Coach Ahiga takes his team to the state championship but is unable to Coach his team in the game after getting stuck in a life-or-death standoff with Manuelito and his men in an epic final battle in the middle of the desert. Coach Ahiga kills Manuelito and all his men and is nearly killed himself but Henry saves him at the last minute. Chooli, Sayko and many others are saved and returned home and a nationwide investigation into sex trafficking on the reservation is organized and led by Henry. Little does, Coach Ahiga and the community know, Henry was the true mastermind behind the sex trafficking operation. And that he used Coach as a pawn to help Henry take out Manueltio and other rivals putting Coach Ahiga's life in mortal danger with little regard for his life. 





          Henry Chee tightens his grip on organized crime and allows for meth production on the reservation, far away from any law enforcement, to supplement his lost revenue after the destruction of his sex trafficking ring. Naira finally passes away from cancer leaving Coach Ahiga to take care of the family on his own and more bitter than ever. Mika goes to veterinary school and works with a beloved horse whisperer deepening her bond to the Navajo way of life as she happily embraces motherhood. Ahiga becomes a representative for PETA and works to band steel-jaw traps and the killing of Wild Horses. A new Tribal President is elected which creates problems for Henry Chee and his business interests when he tries to switch the Navajo nation to renewables instead of fracking and coal. Henry begins to think of ways to make him disappear but ultimately gets him removed from office after the Tribal President fails to pass a basic fluency test on his ability to speak Diné, a prerequisite for being president. A long-simmering conflict comes to a head with the sacking of the entire board of the Navajo Housing Authority, the nation’s largest Indian housing authority, which puts Henry in danger of being exposed for all his graft. He, however, murders all former members, shielding himself from the investigation, allowing him to begin construction on his casino. Coach Ahiga wins his second state championship but is fired as head football coach after a ridiculous scandal spearheaded by Principal White forces him to resign.








Henry Chee runs for Tribal President with Moki has his campaign manager. Henry cracks down the Children of the Hallow, wiping them out in a massacre, gaining the peoples vote and their confidence as a result, having blamed them for all the Reservations problems. A reality film crew from LA comes to film "ghost adventures" on the reservation and Mika has a fling with the producer of the show and runs off to LA with him breaking all ties with her family.  Etu leaves the reservation and joins the Marines before being shipped off to AfghanistanAhiga becomes more and more radicalized and commits an act of eco-terror by blowing up one of his grandfather's oil wells in Window Rock and has to go on the run, hiding out on the reservation with the help of his father's grandparents. Henry Chee is elected Tribal President and under his leadership, The Navajo Nation buys a Coal Production Plant turning its back on renewables, approves for more Oil drilling, and allows a backdoor deal that allows uranium mining to restart on the reservation, despite a reservation-wide ban that’s been in place since 2005. At the climax of Season Three, Coach Ahiga realizes Henry Chee is the corrupt mastermind he has been fighting all along and we are left in suspense as an all war for the soul of the reservation begins in Season Four. 


Coach Ahiga and Henry Chee wage civil war while Henry is acting Tribal President. Taylor “the undercover officer” helps enlists the help of Coach Ahiga to take down Henry Chee, having built a solid case against him, but is killed in the process of his latest sting operation and all is lost. Coach Ahiga and Monika enter a romantic off again off on again relationship but Coach Ahiga is too far gone to make it work. Jason is playing football for the University of Arizona, when is unarmed and killed by white police officers while being drunk and rowdy out one night with his African American teammates. This is the last straw for Coach Ahiga. Completely disillusioned, after losing his entire family and everything he loves. And after failing to prove Henry Chee of any wrongdoing, he murders him in the middle of The Tribal Council for all to see, making him a fugitive from the law.


He forced him to flee and hide out on the reservation with the help of parents. Knowing where Ahiga, has been hiding for the past two years, Coach Ahiga seeks him out and descends further into the darkness when he willingly joins the anarchist eco-terrorist group with Ahiga and helps them carries out a brutal terrorist act against the Wind Rights Mining and Coal company plant New Mexico. They pull off the attack but many innocent workers are killed in the process. Ahiga, feeling guilty for the loss of life, goes into a dark depression. Coach Ahiga and the group plan for more attacks but Ahiga abandons the cause and seeks out Monika for help back in Window Rock. Coach Ahiga wants to blow up the newest Uranium mine and the dam Henry Chee build in Season One used to divert the Reservations water to industry use in Utah. The plan would kill thousands of white Americans and Ahiga knows he must stop him. Ahiga help of Monika and tries to stop Coach but they fail and Coach Ahiga is able to carry out both attacks; which kills thousands of Americans. At his very lowest and after his full descent into hell, Monika is forced to kill Coach Ahiga, the only man she has ever truly loved, as he tries to escape. 





Coach Ahiga

"Captain America" if Captain America was a dark-skinned Native American. Conservative, Christian, and disdainful of Navajo culture.  A former Army Ranger and demolition expert that now works for the Wind Rights Mining and Coal Company. Coach Ahiga has brought American Football to the community in a big way, leading his team to the playoffs for the first time in the teams history, with a shot at state, giving the community something to be excited about.
A father of four, he is a man caught between two worlds... He will ultimately lose faith in the American Dream and the American way of life when everything is taken from him over the course of Four Seasons. He will find himself going down a dark path of hate and revenge in Season Five. Radicalized by the slow erosion of his family, he will become the most deadly domestic terrorist in American history. In Seasons One through Four, however, he will fight Organized Crime, Corruption, Graft and Sex Trafficking on the Reservation 



The once stunningly beautiful "Princess" of the Navajo. The eldest daughter of the most powerful crime figure on the reservation, Henry Chee. She is a gentle and loving soul but painfully naive and childlike. All her life,  she turned a blind eye to the darkness around her and allowed people to lie to her and give her what she wanted. Now, dying of cancer, due to chronic Uranium exposure from contaminated water, she is slowly stripped away of all her illusions in a "Ivan Illych" sort of way. She can no longer deny who her father really is. Especially when her favorite child,  Ahiga, a deep moralist, won't let her forget it.

Naira's story is one of self-discovery and realization. However, she will ultimately abandon the Western medicine keeping her alive and seek help from a local Native American Shaman Medicine Man that only serves to expedite her death. 

JASON ACOTHLEY (17) Coach Ahiga's eldest son. The Quarterback and captain of the football team. He is a simple minded meathead who loves hunting, fishing, country music and God. A secondary character, he will be killed by a Arizona State Police Officer his junior year in college while partying with his African American teammates.  


MIKA ACOTHLEY (16), a beautiful, wild, and troubled spirit. She will oscillate between embracing Navajo culture and the American way of life. Train to be a veterinary technician to remain on the reservation but ultimately run away to Los Angeles with a reality film personality on the reservation shooting a ghost hunters show about "Skin Walkers."

Coach Ahiga

DIBE ACOTHLEY (1) Ahiga and Naira's youngest child born with birth defects and breathing difficulties due to radiation. The child will pass away in the first season from SID'S. The first chip in Coach Ahiga's conservative patriotic armor. 



The Father-in-law of Coach Ahiga, Henry is the kind of man that gives Native American Sovereignty a bad name. Once involved in the violent organized crime of the 70's and 80's in Las Vegas. He is now member of the Tribal council and is mostly just involved in graft and corruption, stealing  hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Navajo Nation’s discretionary fund, syphoning money away from the Navajo Housing Authority, and helping facilitate the sale of tribal interests including minerals, natural resources and water rights to industry. The leader of all organized crime on The Reservation. Coach Ahiga will ultimately discovers that Henry was the true villain from Season One. The man responsible  for all the sex trafficking on the reservation. The man luring Native girls away from their tribal homes to the big cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, including "The Big House" and "Scorpion Pine" located on the reservation.


In Future seasons, he will build and run the largest casino on the Reservation. He will run and be elected Tribal President. And be the biggest antagonist for Coach Ahiga,  inspiring the kind of violent scorched earth fighting that finally catapults Coach Ahiga into terrorism, when he murders Henry and has to go on the run.




HALOKE - the older sister of Coach Ahiga. She runs a a brothel near a U.S army base on the edge of the reservation. The favorite child of their  traditional Navajo Grandparents. A manipulative liar, she pretends to  be a progressive feminist who cares about preserving Navajo culture.  An early antagonist of Coach Ahiga. She allows her nephew Ahiga to frequent her brothel, gives Principal White the material she needs to blackmail coach, and ultimately marries her brothers sworn enemy in Season Four, Moki Wind Feathers. 

ETU "RED CLOUD" YAZZIE (16) the only child of Monika Yazzie and surrogate daughter to Coach Ahiga. She is the female Kicker for the high school football team.  Athletic, muscular and attractive in tomboyish sort of way, she is Ahiga's best friend and will experiment with him sexually before falling madly in love with him. She will later join the Marines and be shipped to Afghanistan, before returning to the reservation, where she pregnant by Ahiga before he has to go into hiding.

She is the purest example of  Hozho on the reservation.  A Tribal Police Office, she is honest, pragmatic, and courageous. The one true love of Coach Ahiga. They will have a brief affair, where their love is rekindled and hope is restored. However, she will ultimately be the Hank to Coach Ahiga's Walter White, tasked with taking him down and bringing him to justice in Season Five. 

PRINCIPAL WHITE - The main cultural antagonist of Coach Ahigain in Season One and Season Two. Deeply protective of Navajo culture and the arts she leads the campaign to undermine everything Coach Ahiga does. An irrational hatred for football and jocks in general, she  blackmails and lies her way into getting Coach Ahiga fired in Season Three. 

TAYLOR - A white undercover police officer embedded with " The Children of the Hallow." Taylor is our only connection to the law enforcement outside of the reservation and he gets little support from his superiors who wish to stay out of Indian Affairs. An antagonist and then ally of Coach Ahiga. He will be murdered by Henry in Season Four before he can bring forth charges in his case. His death, representing Henry Chee's escape from justice, will be what prompts Coach Ahiga to murder Henry in front of the Tribal Council. 

CHILDREN OF THE HALLOW - A drug running, coyote operation, motorcycle gang, that provides muscle for Henry Chee. Henry Chee will lead a public relations eradication of the entire gang in his bid for Tribal President. His perfect scape goat and "foreign scourge" plaguing the reservation with crime. 

MOKI WIND FEATHERS - The only son of Henry and the little brother of Naira. Intelligent and ruthless, he portrays himself as a weak and feeble minded. Groomed to take over the family business he is incredibly cunning and rises quick in his fathers criminal empire running all of his "legit" businesses while also serving as his campaign manager for Tribal President in future seasons. 

MANUELITO - a Native American Gangster and sometime rival to Henry Chee. Leader of The Mountain Sheep, he pretends to be in conflict with Henry while working closely with him. He murders Ajei in the pilot and is the catalyst that awakes the sleeping giant, Coach Ahiga, putting him on his path for revenge. He is the main antagonist in Season 1. 

THE MOUNTAIN SHEEP - A network of Native American Gangsters made up of the neighboring tribe, The Hopi. More, ruthless, brutal, and reckless than Henry Chee. They are a new kind of force, operating on the reservation, running a sex trafficking ring and extortion racket of Tribal Public Officials and Business. Coach Ahiga will violently eradicate them in Season 1.   

Ahiga is the most and least like his father, in that he is a deep moralist, but on the radical left. A vegan, anarchist, he is obsessed with saving the Dine' language and preserving authentic Navajo culture. He hates his Dad's high school football team and is disdainful of the United States, its culture, and what he calls the "Great American lie," referring to its history. An intellectual and angry atheist. His path will be one of spiritual enlightenment and growth as he embraces Buddhism and traditional Navajo beliefs and becomes a respected community leader, organizing film screenings dubbed in Dine', a sponsor for clean renewable energy initiatives, and even become the youngest member ever elected to The Tribal Council. 
In Future seasons, however, he will go down a dark and violent path, radicalized  by an eco-terrorist group. He will go into hiding for over two years after blowing up his gangster grandfathers coal plant. This same group will recruit his father before, before slowly evolving back into spiritually enlightened young man he truly is, after turning himself into the police. 


We are going to take Captain America and turn him into Osama Bin Laden.

Violent Gangs and Sex Trafficking
 ....lawmakers “covertly manipulated and converted Navajo, federal and state funds." The theft resulted in a “disparity of wealth whereby the vast majority of the Nation lives precipitously on the edge of poverty while those in positions of authority have amassed considerable wealth.”
A Window Rock, Arizona district court judge last week handed down sentences to 11 defendants for the criminal misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Navajo Nation’s discretionary fund.
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