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Indian Terrorist 


created by Lee Roy Kunz

 The story of American identity and those denied the American Dream...

 A Native American high school football coach decides to exact revenge on the people responsible for the deformities of his youngest daughter and the illness of his wife. 

Indian Terrorist 


In the dusty Uranium mine of a Navajo Reservation, three teenage Native American girls run for their lives from a band of Native American gangsters. The girls try and take cover in the mine, fighting for their lives with whatever tools they can find, while the oldest, Ajei, desperately tries to make a call for the one person they can turn to, their football coach. However, just as she gets through, the gangsters, led by Manuelito break in.

One week earlier, we meet the coach in questions, Coach Ahiga Acothley as he tries to fire up his team, which happens to be led by a female quarterback, Etu Yazzie. Etu is very talented, but her white, police officer step- father, Toddy, won’t let her forget she’s a girl. Ahiga has a soft spot for Etu as well as her mother, Monika, despite his son Jason also playing. However, when Ajei comes to Ahiga for help, he has little sympathy for her, telling her to go to the police if she really feels that people are trying to kill her. It turns out she was right, as she is kidnapped after the game by a group of the gangsters on the road.

Back at home, Coach Ahiga kisses his wife Naira, infant Dibe, and teenager son Ahiga Jr., goodnight. However, he is less pleased with his daughter Mika who has come home late. Ahiga is a tormented soul, former Special Forces, and trying to keep his life together with religion and painkillers. In the morning, Ahiga gets in a fight with his kids about the safety of the drinking water. Ahiga Jr. complains it’s tainted with Uranium. He thinks as long as Ahiga has football then he’ll never care about anything else. Ahiga goes to his day job as an explosive technician. Back at school, Etu asks Ahiga about Ajei, but he tells her that she is just a drug addict and that his father-in-law


isn’t a gangster. However, at a sex house, the gangsters who keep about dozen girls locked up rough up Ajei. They try to erase her old identify, breaking her until she won’t fight back.

Meanwhile, Ahiga attends the tribal council meeting where an argument breaks out over whether football, a purely American sport, should take priority over Native culture. Principal White vows to enforce rules on the football players so no one gets special treatment. Coach Ahiga takes his family to visit Henry Chee his father in law, who never did quite see eye to eye with Ahiga. However, Ahiga thinks he may know something about Ajei and her disappearance. Ahiga tries to track down Ajei on his own, but she’s being deleted from social media, a ghost.

Ahiga goes to see his prostitute sister Haloke to inquire about Ajei. Ajei never worked for Haloke’s whorehouse but did have an online cam site. She points Ahiga in the direction of the Scorpion strip club outside of town. Meanwhile, Etu feels like Ahiga isn’t doing enough to help Ajei, so she goes to her mother, who works for the tribal police. Monika is reluctant to help but promises to go by Ajei’s father’s place later. However, she finds Ajei’s father dead. It looks like a suicide, but Monika doesn’t believe it.

That night, Coach Ahiga straps a couple guns to his body and drives out to the Scorpion strip club. However, Manuelito and the gangsters grab him. But Monika shows up on the scene, gun drawn. After reminding the gangsters that Ahiga is Henry’s son-in-law, Monika drives Ahiga back to town. She thinks Ajei’s father was murdered. Ajei is definitely being kept on this compound. Ahiga is going to take things into his own hands. He’s lost someone like this once before, and he refuses to let it happen again.

Using his explosives knowledge, Ahiga builds bombs in his spare time that can be detonated remotely. He destroys the Devil’s Bridge, a warning shot to the gangsters. That night, Ajei drugs the gangsters on duty and plans the escape with the two other girls. Some are afraid to leave, but Ajei won’t leave anyone behind. Armed, they manage to kill several of the gangsters that show up to chase them.

They hop in an SUV and drive out into the night. They split up, knowing it’s their best chance at survival.

We find ourselves back at the uranium plant from the opening sequence, as Coach Ahiga rallies the football team with a speech about the wolf and the pack. That’s when he gets the call from Ajei. Manuelito picks up and warns him never to mess with them again. Shots ring out on the other end of the line. Ahiga collapses to the ground, devastated, a man with revenge on his mind.





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